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Detox For Life

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Healthy Way to Detox

The more educated we, as a society, get in terms of health and nutrition, the more misguided information will pop up. A seemingly popular topic that has both positives and negatives swirling around the internet is detoxing the body.

Do we even need to detox? If so, is there a right and a wrong way to do it?

To answer these questions, we have to cover some basics about detoxing first. Our bodies naturally have a detoxification process that happens every day. The idea is to clean the blood that is circulating through our systems to provide a more effective and efficient machine. The body eliminates toxins throughout our bodies through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. All in all, this series of detoxification works well without much effort on our part. However, there are times when our bodies need an extra boost to ensure that everything is moving the way it should.

Detox Products

With all the toxins present in our environment, sometimes our body needs a little help to filter everything out. Enter the detoxes and cleanses that you see, today. Today’s detox and cleanse products range from raw juice liquid diets to strong diuretics, but there’s a better way. Herbal blends have been used to help filter the blood (detox) for thousands of years. More often than not, they are safer than other detox supplements because they are well-rounded, time-tested formulas that have been created to bring balance and harmony to the body. In general, when detoxing the body, it requires a lot of water to keep everything moving appropriately. Many supplements or detox products dehydrate the body because they don’t replenish what it is taking out. This is not the case for herbs. Since herbs are plants, they have phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, and water which gets put back into the body.

What to Eat During a Detox

While some companies ask you not to eat anything during your detox, this is a misguided (and dangerous!) way to go about things. Typically, the food that you are consuming is the source of energy that your body needs to kick into overdrive for your detox, so eating real food is a good idea. However, you should consider modifying your “normal diet” while trying to boost this cleansing system in your body. Eating greasy or fatty foods is not a good idea, neither is loading up on caffeine. While cleaning out the toxins from your body, consider replenishing your body with much-needed nutrients like fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and drinking lots of water (and Tea)! You want to stay hydrated, alert and energized.

When looking for a way to boost your energy, get rid of that “sluggish” feeling, or simply tune up your body, think about what you’re putting your system through. If you’re a fan of drinking only juice or a cayenne pepper and lemon cocktail with a cube of cheese for 10 days, by all means, you have the right to. But if you’re looking to nourish your body and REALLY detox the junk out of your body for a “fresh start,” then reach for something that is natural, balanced and time-tested. Try an herbal supplement and feel the difference in your detox!

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Japanese Tea Pots

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Japanese Tea Sets


set ohh


In Japan tea is a drink that is common for just about every meal, yet sacred, They also enjoy tea in the afternoon, and early evening.pceremony It isn’t surprising then that there are so many different types of Japanese tea sets for you to choose from. They are very beautiful and they will allow you to serve tea in your home very elegantly. Don’t be surprised if people continually ask you where you found such a lovely tea set.

There are many different types of materials that Japanese tea sets are made from. The most common ones are porcelain and ceramic. There are some that feature ancient design and those that have a more modern look to them. Almost all of the designs are hand painted so you can be sure you are getting a piece of the culture when you buy such Japanese tea sets.


The older models of them are made from cast iron. They are heavier and every bit as lovely. Some Japanese tea sets made from cast iron have been around for three or four generations. Yet you would never know it from looking at them due to how well they have held up. You won’t have to worry about the quality or the durability of such a tea set.plo

The cost of a Japanese tea set will depend on the materials they are made from. It will also depend on what style you choose to go with. There are some complete sets that are around $50. Others will cost you close to $500, especially if they are made from the cast iron. You definitely want to take your time to look around and make sure you are getting a quality set for the price they are charging though.

If you really enjoy drinking tea, having a Japanese tea set can be one of the ways to do so. You will really like the compliments you get from your guests who come over to drink tea with you. Chances are you will start drinking it more often as well just so you can use your wonderful Japanese tea set. There is really no reason not to enjoy using them due to how well made they are.classic pjp pjih pot

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All Things Tea – The Ultimate Tea Resource book

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All Things Tea –

The Ultimate Tea Lover’s Resource Guidegreen-tea-extract-tea-leaf-ectract


Click on  the links of your choice to read the awesome content in this resource book.

Table of contents

A List Of A Few Of The Best Websites Dedicated To Tea

How To Incorporate Tea Into Your Everyday

The Best Tea Pots & Where To Find them

How To Create The Perfect Tea Environment

How To Make Homemade Chai Tea – All About Chai

An In Depth List Of Tea Companies Worldwide

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Tea 4 Two

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cups-star-trivet-125-cast-iron-black-hobnail-tea-pot-kettle-0.6-litre-tetsubin-japanese-style-2457-pFace to face contact in business, shopping transactions, and in other instances is surely becoming a thing of the past, however, it should never replace the face to face for two!

Getting to know someone takes time, energy, openness, willingness, conversation, & trust.

There is no better way  to accomplish this than the old fashioned face to face sit down, and there is no better complement to this situation than a hot cup of tea; tea takes time, just like building friendships and love.

When you really want to know what is on someone’s mind, what is truly in their heart just invite them to have a cup of tea.



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For The Love Of Tea

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Today’s society is moving faster than any other societies of the past that we know of. Everyone is on a rigid schedule, checking the time always, communicating through devices, through text messages, through social media, networking through online websites. Now, more and more people are avoiding the old ways of shopping, and choosing to do all of their shopping online, and having their purchases delivered directly to their homes. People communicating face to face is quickly finding a back seat to technological ways of reaching out to express what someone is feeling. The smiley face has taken on every emotion, and replaced the intimate connection of seeing the look on someone’s face to determine what is going on inside. While the internet has truly improved how many people we can reach and share ideas with, let’s not forget the ones who immediately surround us.

A simple, and unquestionably real way to combat the mechanical interaction all around, is to simple enjoy a cup of tea. That moment when the water reaches the boiling point, and a decision has been made as to what kind of flavor you wish to enjoy, smell the aroma of, and sip quietly is the moment that counts the most, it is the calm and peace, the desired result. It is for the love of tea and tranquility that this site exists, sharing intimacy through reminding yourself that you must still indeed enjoy the stillness of life to truly benefit from all things that life has to offer.

In many ways the hustle and bustle of today effects our health in ways we cannot immediately see. The instant gratification world we live in leaves our inner-selves crying for attention. Longing for a moment to just “be“.

  Tea Therapy is a way of life, a movement, and a pledge to include simple time for self,  as mandatory for health and wellness.

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A Soothing Cup

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Tea Leaves-2A Soothing Cup

There are so many rewarding moments that can be found in a soothing cup of tea. Here are just a few.

Reflection – Taking  pause in your everyday routine to reflect on your day, your situation, your life, and ponder your next move.

Meditation – Turn on the sounds of flowing water, nature, during a rain shower and enjoy the stillness and benefits of meditation with tea. As the tea touches your pallet and slides down your throat, concentrate on your heart beat, your existence, and your very being.

Discovery – When you sit down to enjoy a hot cup of tea a calm takes over the room, your tension subsides, your senses are heightened, and the flavor of the tea takes you away. It’s a moment to discover something new about yourself. Are you indeed fulfilling your life purpose?

Communication: We all search for the perfect companion to ride this roller coaster called life with, those of us who are lucky enough to have that, should cherish it, and enhance it, by always finding ways to keep it fresh. Share stories over a cup of tea, exchange ideas, plan out strategies, choose a vacation destination, get creative.

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